TP8 Telephone Pickup

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The TP-8 is a supersensitive microphone for telephone conferencing. The TP-8, telephone pickup, makes phone recording two sides of the conversation.

Just plug the TP-8 jack into the "MIC" jack of your recorder, and put the earphone side into your ear. When speaking on the telephone, the TP-8 will capture both sides of the conversation for recording by your voice recorder.

Includes adapter to convert from monaural 3.5mm mini-plug to stereo 3.5mm mini-plug. Also includes monaural 3.5mm mini-plug to monaural 2.5mm mini-plug adapter.

Nb: The TP-8 is recommended for cellular phones and landline phones. Nb: The TP-8 will only act as a microphone. It will not playback sound. Note: When used with the DM-10\DM-20, select Monaural Input in the Menu for selection EXT. INPUT. Please note: There may be legal implications involved with recording telephone conversations in Australia. For more information please see or seek advice from a qualified legal representative.

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TP8 Telephone Pickup 
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